mercoledì 19 dicembre 2012

Zoeva "Variety Set" (40 Brushes) Review

Hi everyone!

This is my first post in English. I hope you'll enjoy it! :)

Today I'm gonna show you an amazing brush set I love: Zoeva's Variety Set. It's made up of 40 brushes for every purpose: there are face brushes, eye brushes and lip brushes.

Each brush has a long wooden handle, very easy to use; the bristles are syntetic or in taklon, they're incredibly soft and they don't lose hairs (in my case at least they didn't).

Here you can see the brush case, so elegant and... huge!

In the picture you can see all the face brushes: I generally use the first one for mineral foundation, the second one for liquid foundation (and the cat's tongue brush too), the others are for powders. 

In the picture below there are the biggest eye brushes of the set. I usually use the angled brushes for shading and blending, I generally apply the eyeshadow with the others. 

Here come all the littlest brushes for precise applications like eyeliner and eye pencil application or shading and so on.

In the end we have all the syntetic brushes: concealer brushes, lip brushes, for eyebrows etc.

Here there's a panoramic view of the full set.

Personally, I'm fond of this set. You have brushes for all the purposes and the price is not so high: 65€ for 40 brushes. It means that every brush has a single cost of 1,62€! It's a bargain! ;)

Well, I definitely recommend you this brush set, I had a positive experience with it ;)

So, thanks for reading and... stay tuned ;)!


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